Annual License Fees (Provisional)

License is based on annual subscription fees. Provisional annual fees are as follows. Note that academic use is free. (All figures are in US dollars per year.)

  • CMSR Data Miner: $1,300 (first user). $900 (for extra users). (Free for non-profit organizations.)
  • Web/Rosella BI Server: $3,500 for first server (unlimited users, unlimited cores). $2,500 for each extra server. (Development/test servers are free.) (Discounts available.)
  • Android/MyDataSay: $1,500 (up to 1500 users).

(Special discounts apply for license applications from developing countries and for small users.)

Quote & Evaluation Form

Our license covers CMSR Data Miner Suite. License is based on annual subscription. Quotes are valid up to 60 days or during evaluation period. If you are interested in evaluation, please indicate in writing. We recommend you to provide an alternative email address, in case your company email address is not working or mis-typed.

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