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Deep Learning for Java Applications

Developing Deep Learning / Machine Learning for Java Applications? Check CMSR Data Miner / Machine Learning Studio. It is based on Java!

Java Runtime Environment/Java Developer Kit

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (aka, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) or Java Plug-in) and Java Developer Kit (JDK) can be obtained from the following web-sites;

JDBC Drivers

The following JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) drivers are available as built-in features. You do not need to install additional drivers for them;

  • Rosella DBMS
  • Connections to ODBC DSNs (data source names)

JDBC drivers can be found from the following web-sites;

Installing JDBC Drivers

Installing JDBC Drivers can take the following forms. If your JDBC driver is just a ".jar" file, then you can use the first two methods. Otherwise, use the third or fourth methods.

  • To install on StarProbe visual data miner suite, select "DBMS Configuration" - "Options" - "Install JDBC Driver", from the window menus. To install on DBisual database chart mate, select "File" - "Install JDBC Driver", from the window menus. Rosella DBMS products come with built-in drivers. So there is no special need to install Rosella JDBC drivers separately.
  • On your application, add the full path of drivers to the CLASSPATH system variable. On Applets, add the url of JDBC drivers to the "archive=" argument of APPLET tags.
  • Or manually, place ".jar" JDBC driver files into the "lib/ext" subdirectory of your Java Runtime installation directory. In addition, place all ".dll" files into the "bin" subdirectory.
  • Or if you are developing Java applications, you can make your applications to install JDBC drivers as described here.