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Excel Addins: Crosstab & Groupby

Generate cross/pivot tables and perform deviation analysis based on chi-square statistics. Create groupby tables and perform trend analysis based on advanced time-series regression. Download evaluation copies from Excel Addins: Crosstab & Groupby.

Making Your Web Intelligent?

Web is a very robust general purpose medium for delivering services and enterprise business applications. When web is harnessed with predictive analytics and expert systems rule engines along with visualization charts, your web applications can do a lot more duties than you have ever imagined. Your web applications can analyze data, reason, think and take intelligent actions! For more, please read Predictive Expert Systems Rule Engine and Chart and Web Reporting.

Convert Spreadsheets to Web!

Turn your Excel/Spreadsheet programs into web-based multi-user thinking applications filled with sophisticated predictive analytics and charts. For more, please read ...

For Consultants and Developers

Rosella predictive analytics provides an ideal platform for deploying your predictive business solutions. It supports end-to-end functions that you can deploy predictive business solutions such as customer life-cycle management, campaign management, industrial process optimization, and so on. For more, please write to us.

Latest downloads

Thinking Business Reporting?

Have you thought about systems that predict, think, reason, and produce reports using data stored in your data warehouse? That's what our developer platform - consisting of predictive modeling, expert system rule engines, high performance statistical dbms and web-based report and chart engines - can provide for you to implement. For more, please read ...

Business Optimization

To cope with worsening external business environment, optimization is an essential part of business activities. For more;

Predictive Balanced Scorecard

The balanced scorecard (BSC) provides concise, predictive and actionable information about how a company is performing and may perform in the future. However, a study found that most executives unable to take balanced scorecards from concept to reality.

When combined with predictive information and business decision rules, BSC can improve business visibility significantly. For more, read Balanced Scorecards

Business Performance Management

Business Performance Management (BPM) is to help business make efficient use of financial, human and material resources. To find out how predictive knowledge can improve BPM activities, read;

... more

Risk Management

Risk management is very important, especially, for financial industries. We see the consequences of ignoring risk management! For more;

Customer Lifecycle Management

Ability to predict customer tendencies is a key to successful customer relationship management (CRM) : Customer conversions from trials to regulars, predicting churns and putting preventive measures, finding cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, detecting risky transactions, and so on. Predictive analytics can help you to predict customer visibility. For more, please read Predictive Customer Lifecycle Management.

Marketing Survey Research

Marketing survey research is essential part of marketing. Predictive analytics can automatically identify important factors from survey data and build predictive models. For more, please read marketing survey analysis.

Database Marketing

Customer database provides rich customer information. Predictive analytics can identify customer tendencies which can be used in developing marketing plans;