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Web search and Web navigation Pattern Analyzer

Web surfers locate a page of a web-site by typing url or selecting a bookmark or following a link or searching keyword phrases from search engines (such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, AskJeeves, etc.) Then read a number of pages following internal links before leaving the site. Understanding this web site navigation pattern (or surfer behavior) is very important in web content optimization. Knowing how they locate a page and where they move out can improve contents and links between pages significantly.

Find out how surfers locate your web-pages, and how they navigate and surf your web-site!

Optimize your web-site contents and links!

Surf Pattern Visual Analyzer (SPVA) can be used to identify crucial web navigation patterns of your web-site visitors.

  • Where (or which pages) they come from: direct visits, search engines, external referrers, within internal pages.
  • Where (or which pages) they go to, within internal web pages.
  • Identification of most heavy incoming and outgoing pages.
  • Identification of most heavy navigation paths.
  • Supplement functions of your web-analytics such as AwStats and Urchin stats.

Do your web-pages are linked properly? Find out whether visitors are following links as you designed and wished to be followed, and correct the problem!

Web Navigation Pattern Visualization within Sites

The following screenshot shows most intense outgoing navigation. Nodes at the left hand side are ordered based on the number of outgoing navigation, i.e., the source of navigation. The right hand side nodes are ordered based on the number of page visits. Navigation hotspot is indicated with brighter colors. Selection of left-hand side nodes will show outgoing navigation. Selection of right-hand side nodes will show incoming navigation. Details are shown at the small panel at the right hand side.

Web search and Web site navigation pattern web mining tools

Web Mining Features for Web Site Navigation

This powerful but simple-to-use visual analyzer will enable you to understand what visitors do at your web-sites, essential tool for search engine optimization;

  • Inbound and outbound page views.
  • Inbound and outbound page referrals.
  • Big enterprise data archives.
  • Cumulative profiling: you can build stat profiles incrementally periodically accumulating log archives to them.
  • Multi-platforms: Windows, MAC OS X, Solaris, Linux, HPUX, Irix, ......

Archive Format Supported

Currently, Surf Pattern Visual Analyzer supports0 Apache Log Format. Please check the format: Apache Log Format.

Download is available

If you are interested in trial of this tool, please write to us.